Our Norfolk Range of pillows is our oldest, most comprehensive and most popular range of pillows. Offering everything from duck feather to goose down, with box pillows, back sleepers and anti-allergy pillows together with children’s pillows, surround pillows and quilted pillows there is a sleep solution for everyone.

Royal Norfolk

The Royal Norfolk range is the newest and the most compact, of our Norfolk Feather family. Having continually been developed over the last two years, it offers incredibly generous fill weights on all natural and fibre fillings that are encased within a beautiful jacquard shell. The ideal option for up-market hotels and retailers looking to transform the level of comfort they offer.

Norfolk Heritage

The Norfolk Heritage range is our most especial and prestigious Norfolk Feather family member. A level of comfort that extends beyond comprehension, courtesy of the world’s highest quality European and Canadian downs and most luxurious silk, down sateen and fustian shells. This level of comfort is only found in the most iconic British hotels and retailers.


Travel Pillows

A travelling essential, our travel pillows are supplied with a cotton casing and filled with a variety of fillings to suit all budgets. Soft and supportive, they are the perfect size to carry with you on your long journeys.

All travel pillows can be supplied with our brand name or private label. Please enquire for bespoke bulk quotes.


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