Our Norfolk range of duvets has primarily been designed to cater comfort for the growing British “natural fill” duvet market. Made up of 4 sizes and 3 tog values, generously filled with 15% Goose Feather and Down.

Royal Norfolk

The sibling of our Royal Norfolk pillow range, this duvet range mirrors almost the entirety of the pillow offering, with a 60% Duck Down filling. For the perfect comfort experience, we recommend pairing up these duvets with either our 60% Duck Down pillow or our 60% Duck Down Surround pillow.

Norfolk Heritage

Heralded as the most luxurious range of duvets in the UK, our Norfolk Heritage range of duvets is created using the highest quality and most esteemed 80% Hungarian Goose Down. This is then elegantly encased in a beautiful cotton cambric case with a thread count of 280 to give you an unrivalled level of comfort.


Summer Duvet

Guaranteeing the perfect level of comfort during summer nights; our summer duvet range is lightweight, incredibly easy to maintain and the best value for money throughout the whole British summer season.


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